Player System

Time : 2014-12-23 22:56

How to recruit Footballer

There are hundreds of famous footballers in the game, players can recruit in Star Factory, Green Journey, Legend of Glory and events.

Players can find and train recruited footballer(s) in “My Player”.

Players' attributes and quality

There are 6 types of quality, from low to high they are: D, C, B, A, S, SS

There are 4 types of reputation, from low to high they are: Star, Superstar, Master, Legend

Higher quality means higher attributes.

Player upgrade

Players can upgrade the footballers by swallowing player cards, the experience that a card offers is affected by its quality.

Player breakthrough

For those rank B, A, S, SS footballers, when they have reached a certain level, a breakthrough is needed for their further development. Swallow a same card for the breakthrough.

Player Strengthening

Only rank B, A, S, SS footballers can be strengthened and this will add extra attributes to them.

Only cards with same quality can be used for strengthening.

There is a success rate for strengthening, players can higher the rate by using multiple cards.

Player Ressurection

Only rank S cards can be resurrected, after the resurrection its quality will be raised to rank SS and massive amount of attributes will be added.

Players can only resurrect rank S card with 3 same cards when it reached its level limit.

Upgrade strategy

Do not waste too many resources on D Card (gray) and C Card (blue). It takes about two or three days to reach the fifth instances. When you reach the fifth instances, your team is mainly formed by B card. D card and C card are mainly used to upgrade players.

Pay more attention to the balanced development of the team. When a player reach level 30, it is more difficult to upgrade his level. You should use the resources to other players, so that you achieve more benefits.

Finish daily The Top Duel. Though it consumes much stamina, we can gain energy bottles,which are used for the purpose of upgrading players.

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