Time : 2014-12-23 23:02

Equipment description

There are 4 types of equipment: Glove, Jersey, Sneaker and Leg Shield

Players can get equipment by challenging national teams in Green Journey, the chance of getting better equipment is affected by the evaluation after the player won the match and the power of the national team s/he challenged.

Equipment allotment

There are four kinds of equipments: jersey, kneecap, gloves and sneakers. Each equipment can upgrade specific attribution.  Jersey can improve passing, dribbling and shooting. Kneecap can improve tackling and stealing. Gloves can improve saving and awareness. Sneakers can improve speed and explosive power.

Please use your equipments wisely. First, best players have high attribution, so it is not necessary to allot the best equipments to the best players. Playing football needs team work, so allot the best equipments to the weaker players. By doing so, your team will perform well. Second, give the proper equipments to the suitable player. For example, gloves can improve saving and awareness, so forward is not the first choice for gloves.

Gloves equipped in the order of goalkeeper, midfield, forward, then defender.

Sneakers equipped in the order of forward (winger), side back, center midfield, center defender,goalkeeper.

Jersey equipped in the order of midfield, forward, defender, then goalkeeper.

Kneecap equipped in the order of defender, midfield, forward, then goalkeeper.

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